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Small business owners LOVE the “Done For YOU” FiGG Accounting System.

There is only one reason to start your own business – to make a profit!

Are you a small business owner or are you thinking about starting a business of your own? If the answer is YES, then reading this will be the BEST 1 MINUTE you will ever spend on your business…

Here is the HARD AND UNPLEASANT TRUTH that every South African small business owner will experience, guaranteed!

There are only TWO moments when SME owners COMPLETELY PANIC and break into a COLD SWEAT about their financial management and reporting:

  • A: When The tax man wants to know what they have been up to and call for their financials! Panic.
  • B: When they need a BANK LOAN and the Bank asks for detailed financials! Cold sweat.

With the PRESSURE now on in a massive way, and because their financial management is usually a complete shambles, they end up PAYING HUGE FEES to accountants to urgently sort their mess!

What you need to KNOW and REMEMBER is simply this: all this PAIN and unnecessary EXPENSE could have been AVOIDED.

Instead of waiting for crisis moments like this to strike, be PROACTIVE. Get started TODAY and take charge of the financial management of your small business with FiGG’s unique and affordable accounting system in Excel.

Turn your Pain into Gain with FiGG by doing just these 5 simple things:

  1. BUY the FiGG small business accounting system in Excel.
  2. Download your bank statements into CSV format.
  3. Upload your bank statements into the user-friendly FIGG System.
  4. 2 Clicks…
    1. Choose which account the transaction goes to.
    2. Choose the correct VAT option.
  5. FIGG automatically does your VAT Return, Income Statement, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Done for You by FiGG … Develop the great habit of being a responsible small business owner. Let FiGG automatically make all your small business accounting headaches and reporting nightmares disappear, automagically!

5 HUGE reasons why FiGG is a brilliant Small Business Accounting System in Excel.


Basic Excel knowledge is all you need…

Do not be scared if you do not know Excel or only have a basic knowledge of how it works. What makes this system magical, is all the formulas are automated. Drill down options for describing your transactions are available and so all you need to do, is choose what descriptor fits best! The best news ever is that even with no accounting experience you will still be able to extract maximum value from the FiGG system!


We teach You exactly what to do…

When you purchase FIGG, you are buying a small business accounting system in Excel with millions of formulas (in the background) to do all the work for you. We teach you exactly what to do using videos and webinars. You will be amazed at how easy it is to properly manage your business financially, and, our way of doing things will literally save you a fortune in accounting, audit and tax fees. We were awarded Microsoft membership for developing this beauty.


We save you a lot of money…

This Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has left many small businesses struggling to pay the bills. Our system helps you to dramatically cut your accounting fees. All it requires of you is to upload your bank statements in CSV format and choose a category from our fully comprehensive chart of accounts to describe the transaction. Voila – the rest is done for you by FIGG; balance sheet, done; trial balance, done; financials, done – easy peasy!


See exactly where your money is going…

With our small business accounting system in Excel, you will see exactly where you are spending your money, and this helps you to set proper goals for your budget. The secret of sustained SME success is good accounting practices and understanding your cashflow. FIGG’s automated templates work out all the figures you need to know and understand. By tracking any financial mismanagement that may be happening in your business, you can take proactive actions to remedy this. This saves you money and puts you first. Our system really ensures that you are in complete control of your cash flow. Our system is suitable for companies that are VAT registered as well as those not registered.


You are getting real value for money…

As a small business accounting system in Excel, FIGG, is fully automated. You are getting exceptional value for your money because minimal data entry is required for financial views that give you maximum financial insight. output. You upload your bank statements, choose a description of the transaction from our comprehensive chart of accounts which are fully customisable. Your trial balance, income statements and balance sheet, gets automatically generated. No mess, no fuss and in a flash, you have brilliant fiscal optics of your entrepreneurial venture.

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What EVERY small business owner craves is to have more time

Truth is for most SME owners, there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done and though owning your own business seems so appealing from the outside, few realise the extreme demands this makes on your time, day in, day out! That is why she painstakingly developed products that surprise and delight small business owners. She literally coded and integrated millions of formulas into her Excel based products. This is what makes her solution unlike any other and that why her innovative package has Microsoft Membership status. What you need to remember is this: FIGG is a world leading, fully integrated, cost-effective, small business accounting system in Excel that puts time back into your life. That is a real value adding solution. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel

FiGG’s accounting solution has been awarded Microsoft Membership!

Created by South African eXcel guru Gail Emmerick, this brilliant, fully integrated, small business accounting system in Excel is simple, affordable, and totally user friendly for SME owners and start-up entrepreneurs alike! Its name is FIGG, and yes, in keeping with figs being the fruits of the Gods, this system is simply heavenly because it takes away all your accounting nightmares and financial management headaches.

Know and remember this: FIGG makes your life easy! Once you have used this intuitive, integrated solution, you will never again search for another small business accounting system in Excel. If your financial accounting needs are complex and require bespoke reporting, Gail will customise your FIGG solution to deliver exactly what it is that you need.

Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel

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