Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel, Small Business Accounting in Excel
Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel, Small Business Accounting in Excel
Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel, Small Business Accounting in Excel

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Created over 11 years ago, the primary purpose behind FiGG was to develop a multi-dimensional financial toolbox that would allow small businesses owners easy access to the critically important financial information they required to professionally manage and sustainably grow their business.

Figg is tremendously proud of the fact that we have developed a range of truly bespoke products that carry the Microsoft Membership award. Our innovative, clever, and ultra-simple accounting systems in eXcel will help you manage your business finances in ways that you are always in complete control. For your every need to be met, please purchase our Full Financial Suite which is completely integrated and has over 38 million calculations running in the back-end, providing what is literally a blissful “Done-For-You” accounting experience. If that does not suit your current budget, then the next best option is our Small Business Accounting System. This is also a comprehensive solution but does not include the ability to create your Annual Financial Statements which is a massive plus to have, especially when you need to urgently produce business financial performance figures or ask the Bank for a loan. When you navigate your way around this product page you will discover many more brilliantly innovative products included in our accounting systems in eXcel, all of which are for sale individually.

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[wps_products title="Small Business Accounting System"]
[wps_products title="Annual Financial Statements"]
[wps_products title="Budget"]
[wps_products title="Business Admin Documents"]
[wps_products title="Fixed Assets Register"]
[wps_products title="Payroll"]
[wps_products title="Sales Forecast"]
[wps_products title="Household Accounting System"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Bank Reconciliation"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Cheque Requisition"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Production and Packing Excel Template"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Reconciliation – General Ledger Accounts"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Reconciliation – Supplier or Customer Acc"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Sales Invoice"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Stock Ordering template"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Business Plan"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Disciplinary Offences"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Guideline Business Policy on HIV/AIDS"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - How VAT Works"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Lease Agreement"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Non Disclosure Confidentiality examples"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Offer of Employment example"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Resolution example"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Retention of Records policy"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Steps to Starting a Business"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Supplier Application example"]
[wps_products title="MS Word - Written Warning examples"]
[wps_products title="MS Excel - Statement of Assets and Liabilities"]

FiGG’s accounting solution has been awarded Microsoft Membership!

Created by South African eXcel guru Gail Emmerick, this brilliant, fully integrated, small business accounting system in Excel is simple, affordable, and totally user friendly for SME owners and start-up entrepreneurs alike! Its name is FIGG, and yes, in keeping with figs being the fruits of the Gods, this system is simply heavenly because it takes away all your accounting nightmares and financial management headaches.

Know and remember this: FIGG makes your life easy! Once you have used this intuitive, integrated solution, you will never again search for another small business accounting system in Excel. If your financial accounting needs are complex and require bespoke reporting, Gail will customise your FIGG solution to deliver exactly what it is that you need.

Figg, Excel Accounting Templates, Accounting Systems in Excel

About FiGGs Values.

Whenever clients ask about FIGGs core values, or Unique Value Proposition, we share this with them:


Financial insight

FiGG helps you understand the numbers.


Innovative solutions

FiGG helps you see the big picture.


Goal focus

FiGG helps you stay laser focused.


Growth enabler

FiGG helps you expand your business.

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