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With over 30yrs Experience

FiGG’s soulutions are designed by South African eXcel expert, Gail Emmerick.

Formula Driven

FiGG’s accunting sytems in eXcel are uniquely designed to allow it’s 38 million formulas to do the back-end calculations automatically!

Trust Worthy Management Information

Our system provides you with practical, meaningful management information (MI) on your business.

Support and Development

We provide training and support for all on solutions. If you need additional development for your financial reporting needs, we can provide bespoke devlopment for your business.

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Annual Financial Statements Tutorial.

Fixed Assets Register Tutorial.

We bring you the best possible solutions for your business.

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About FiGGs Values.

Whenever clients ask about FIGGs core values, or Unique Value Proposition, we share this with them:


Financial insight

FiGG helps you understand the numbers.


Innovative solutions

FiGG helps you see the big picture.


Goal focus

FiGG helps you stay laser focused.


Growth enabler

FiGG helps you expand your business.

Accounting Systems in eXcel.

Small businesses thrive through building excellent client relationships and being customer centric. FiGG serves small business. Therefore we make it our business to eat, sleep, drink and deliver against the core needs of SMEs and start-up entrepreneurs.


Our Accounting Systems in eXcel has 38 million formulas built in, if you need some additional development our experts are here to help!

General Support

• First Call 30 Mins Free

• Thereafter R 85 per 15 Mins Support

Annual Financial Statements

• 1 Hour Free Support 

•  Thereafter R 85 per 15 Mins Support

Small Business Accounting System

• 3 Hours Free Support 

•  Thereafter R 85 per 15 Mins Support

Full Financial Suite

• 4 Hours Free Support 

•  Thereafter R 85 per 15 Mins Support

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