Why buy FiGG’s Small Business Accounting System?

Because, FiGG delivers expertise you can trust!

I am a South African eXcel expert, and I designed the fully integrated FiGG small business accounting system in Excel to be incredibly easy to use.

Other accounting systems have different “modules” for capturing transactions, such Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, cash book/bank statements, inventory and so on. This is totally unnecessary for a small business. It’s time consuming, confusing, requires an experienced bookkeeper and 99 % of the time the bookkeeper ends up spending 70 % of the month looking for something that doesn’t balance.

In all other systems, the capturing of transactions does not deliver anything that is useful to the business owner. The business owner is hardly ever even aware how much an accounting system can help them to make more profits and save time. If a business owner is aware that an accounting system can do all this, they have to pay an arm and a leg to get the system developer to do it for them, nothing is ever standard, included in the initial price. When purchasing the system, the business owner will be told that no bells and whistles come with the system because each business owner wants different bells and whistles that must be specially developed for their needs. This is just nonsense, a money making racket and yes, I get furious about this!

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose FIGG for your small businesses accounting system

① Detailed video tutorials in plain English come standard with the system.

② All the fantastic Microsoft Excel functions such as sorting and filtering and reduce time 100-fold when you are looking for something, is available without having to do anything like converting a file to Excel. No effort at all since the system is developed in Microsoft Excel.

③ If you keep your FiGG system in Dropbox, you get support directly from developers when you get stuck or have a question.

④ Data entry / capturing transactions is all in one place

FiGG has one and the same Ledger for capturing transactions of all types, such Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, cash book/bank statements, inventory and so on. Data capturing in one and the same place requires entering:

    • the date of the transaction
    • the name of the supplier or person the business pays for something, or the name of the customer or person who pays the business for something.
    • More details other than the name is optional
    • Amount paid or deposited

These 4 above can also be imported straight into the system such as from a bank statement or invoice spreadsheet

⑤ Select from a dropdown list what is the transaction for? e.g. Rent, Telephone, Wages, Salaries, Stock/Cost of sale, Sales, interest received, owners loan account etc.

    • If the business is VAT registered, select from a dropdown list what type of VAT e.g. Vat on sale, Vat exempt, VAT on expense, VAT on asset etc.
    • FiGG alerts you if you make a mistake as you are capturing transactions.
    • No bookkeeping experience is required to navigate the FIGG small business accounting system. You are alerted immediately or can check immediately if you make a mistake or forget something.
    • If you select an incorrect VAT description for a transaction an alert pops up.
    • If you forget to select from the dropdown list what is the transaction for, e.g., Rent, Telephone, Wages, Salaries, Stock/Cost of sale, Sales, interest received, owners loan account etc. you are alerted before you commence to the next month.
    • If have select an incorrect description from the dropdown list for a transaction, you can identify it before you commence the next month. The filtering and sorting of Microsoft Excel makes this quick and simple.
    • If you enter an amount incorrectly for an invoice, payment you are alerted before you commence the next month.
    • Many checks and balances are developed within the FiGG system for anyone who is not experienced in bookkeeping to easily identify a mistake or something missing.

⑥ Bookkeepers love FiGG after struggling so intensely for years using other systems.

⑦ FiGG is the only system that automatically delivers reports that all banks accept with glee for bank loan approvals, statutory institutions and “the Tax man” accepts for their reporting requirements and that provide the owner of the business with enormous value add to manage the margins and expenses of their business. Once the steps in reason number 4 are completed the reports are automatically generated. Filtering sorting and saving safely in the cloud or on backup is as easy as 1,2,3.

Don’t delay the accounting function of your small business. It is not a matter of “if” you will need your accounting reports, it is only a matter of “when”. Delay will result in huge costs to get the accounting done, both in time and money.  Contact Us Today

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